Welcome To Hatewatch 1955!

Welcome, Friends! I am Peacemaker. I started this blog because there are too many questions that remain unanswered about bigotry, hatred, bullying, hate crimes, teen suicides and many other issues that are tearing our society apart.  to many cries for help go unheard, too many lives are needlessly lost because of ignorance, lack of compassion, and the bogus teachings that are passed down from generation to generation about how the world should be and what mold we should fit into.  News Flash! When we came into being, the mold was broken! There is no one else exactly like us.

One of the problems within various groups in our society is that every group thinks that they are right.  The group norm is the only way to live, even if other groups do not interfere with their journey in life.  We were “indoctrinated” by our parents, our peers, our schools and our ancestors.  They told us that “This is the way that things should be, and therefore, no other way is acceptable.”  This is where the ignorance of bigotry and hatred comes into play.  In schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, etc., members of different groups are bound to meet, and sometimes clash.  Boom! We have a hate campaign going on because of the differences between races, religious sects, gender identity and sexual orientation to name a few.  This kind of behavior is as old as humankind, and will always exist as long as this planet.  The question is, how can we get multiple groups of people who have to face each other day after day to at least tolerate each other and live in peace side by side without invading each other’s freedom to live and be happy? Hopefully, we can explore this question together as time goes by, and perhaps make a difference in a world filled with hatred and closed minds.

More to come, and I welcome suggestions, comments, ideas and any thoughts you may have.  Please be nice, we are here to find answers and peace, not to destroy one another!  Have a wonderful day! 



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