April 22, 2014

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June 6, 2012

Safety First

To all my school-age friends out there who are out of school for the summer or are about to be, I just wanted to post a little reminder for you. Now that you are not under the protection of the school officials, please remember to check in with your Parent(s) or Guardian(s) when you leave the house. If you have a cell phone, let them know where you are going before you leave, and if your plans change, please update them. Not to be negative, but you never know what is going to happen when you are gone. There are a lot of people out there with less than honorable intentions, and should you be abducted or get into an accident, or should there be a family emergency, it will make it easier for the authorities to track you down. Try to travel in groups of three or more for your own safety; bullies are less likely to attack people in groups. Take care of yourselves, and have a safe, fun filled summer! Don’t text and drive, and be safe! Best wishes for a wonderful vacation to all of you! ~Peacemaker

May 31, 2012

LINK TO: RUN by Jern Siong (for the Give ‘em Hope Campaign)

This is one man’s story of struggle, loss, and gain of purpose; The link will take you to the incredible story at the NEVER BLEND IN Blog by David Watters, Activist, Author, Public Speaker and all around incredible human being…

Please check out this Story, “RUN” by Jern Siong for the “GIVE ‘EM HOPE”  Campaign.

RUN by Jern Siong (for the Give ‘em Hope Campaign).

May 24, 2012


Have you ever been in a situation that makes it very difficult to tolerate your “neighbor” much less love him or her?  Of course you have!  Nof one can honestly say that they have not found themselves in a situation where love and tolerance were the most difficult virtues to practice, particularly when they are under constant attack because they do not agree with someone else’s point of view. you cannot get in your parking space because someone else is hogging the driveway, you have a half an hour for lunch and someone cuts in front of you, et. al. You do not want to cause a conflict, so you hold in your anger, impatience and intolerance where it wreaks havoc with your health and well being.  Welcome to  “Avoidance 101″, a lesson that many of us learn because we have not learned how to be tactfully assertive instead of agressive.  Let us not get assertiveness mixed up with agressiveness.  The difference between the two can be very fuzzy, depending on what type of personality you are dealing with and what mood they happen to be in at the time.  First, Let us take a look at Aggressiveness Let us assume that someone who does not have a handicapped placard or licence plate displayed in or on their vehicle.  We assume that they don’t have a permit and we go up to that person and accuse them of breaking the law.  This would be classified as agressive behavior. Imagine your embarrasment if you find out that the so-called law breaker was having a bad day and just forgot to hang up a placard (FYI, if you didn’t know, it is against the law to display it while driving because it creates a blind spot to your right side).  Next, let us look at the same case scenario, approaching the possible affender with Assertiveness We approach the person with a smile and ask, “Excuse me, Sir/Ma’am, you forgot to hang up your handicap placard, and I’d hate to see you get a ticket because the police think that you don’t have one.”  This takes away the assumption that you are accusing them of breaking the law, even if they are.  If they are a reasonable human being, they will either move their vehicle in complete embarrasement or say, “Oh, yes, I forgot!  Thank you for the reminder!”  If they get argumentative anyway, that puts them in the embarrasing position, not you.

Being agressive only makes you look like the “bad guy” and has a negative affect, not only on you, but it has a “domino affect” on whoever you are confronting and the next person who comes in their path, and so on.  Before you know it, a whole chain of negative events may take place by one negative reaction from YOU!  It can and does happen.  If you approach someone in an assertive yet non-accusatory, non-assumptive manner, then the negative chain stops there.  You have asserted yourself, you have not allowed someone to walk all over you, and the matter has been solved instead of escalating into a nasty brawl that may be passed on to other unsuspecting souls who had nothing to do with the original incident.  Avoiding a pre-judgmental stance is a win/win situation!

In conclusion, when we practice assertive behavior, choose our words carefully (remember, assertiveness is non-accusatory) and approach a potential conflict without using negative behavior, we can avoid a bad situation not only for us and the suspected offender, but for everyone whose path we cross throughout the day.  A positive outcome for everyone involved sounds a lot better to me!  How about you?  Have a great day!  ~Peacemaker

May 23, 2012


Before reading this post, please take the time to view the video above by Ryan Cassata our new friend and a great inspiration to many.  Thank you Ryan, for sharing your experience, strength and hope with us! 

Many tragic deaths continue to happen in this world, by suicide, homicide, and in some parts of the world by execution because of sexual orientation, gender identity and even the color of one’s skin.  Why do the numbers continue to increase in spite of the universal awareness of these horrible tragedies?  Apathy, my friends, pure, unadulterated APATHY!  Many individuals say, “Oh my God, isn’t that terrible!”  some say “They had it coming!”  In any case, many States, Cities and Schools do little to protect the victims of bullying because they believe that “this sort of thing isn’t that serious in our school or school district.”  How can they possibly know if they do not see the horrors that go on behind the scenes? How do they know when many victims (and witnesses) do not report the incidents because they fear repercussions from the bullies or fear being “labeled” by the perpetrators of these incidents (In my State of Ohio bullying is now considered a CRIME).  More States need to create such laws and ENFORCE THEM with consequences that are strong enough to make the perpetrators of such crimes think twice before engaging in such destructive behaviours.  Educational films are great, but they are NOT ENOUGH! Some bullies just laugh them off as if they are a joke.  I cross children to and from an elementary school and watch and hear middle school kids when they are being dropped off nearby.  They think that everything is a joke, even after the nearby Chardon High School shootings a few months ago.  Some of them just do not comprehend the seriousness of this problem.  They are more concerned about peer pressure and the acceptance of their peers.  Some things need to be put in the hands of school officials. Training for handling such behaviors and keeping it in check needs to be a requirement for all schools, and the parents that do care need to get involved.  They need to let their children know that they can talk to them about anything without fear of repercussions.  Movies and tracts may have their place in the small picture, but in the big picture, Entire communities must get involved.  A dear friend of mine, an author, motivational speaker and activist has a wonderful support group on facebook, a safe place for people who feel that there is no hope, and I urge you to check it out for yourselves.  His name is David Watters, and the group is called “GIVE ‘EM HOPE”.  The website is:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/GiveEmHope/. If you are suffering, I know that you will find comfort there. If you have survived and have experience, strength and hope, then you are needed there.  In closing, We must push for more legislation in more States and Cities, and get the school systems to take this problem as the matter of life or death that it is.  Everyone who is a victim or a witness to these incidents need to be brave enough to step up and put a stop to bullying…and to feel that they will truly be protected when they do so.  Yours in the Fight to save precious lives,  ~Peacemaker (aka c.a.siegel, activist, author and friend)

May 18, 2012


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Hello Dear Friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful day…I woke up this Friday morning and I wasn’t sure that it would be.  You know that feeling, when it seems like one thing after another goes “wrong” and you start to wonder if someone put a curse on you? LOL,I’m just kidding. I don’t believe in curses, but I sure do believe that some days can make you feel like you are out of control of your life; like you went somwhere else and someone else has taken over your body.  We all have those days. With practice and persistance, we can turn those days around sooner, and realize that that feeling will pass and life will go on as usual.   As human beings, we all have difficulty being tolerant of things and people that get “in the way” of our routines. Learning to re-adjust our course and get back on track is a challenge that we all must meet at one time or another, but believing in ourselves and knowing that we are capable of picking ourselves up and starting over is an amazing accomplishment!  There is still hope for a brand new day, and we will adjust, we will move on, WE WILL SURVIVE! ((Hugs)) to you all, and have a wonderful weekend!  Take some YOU time! You deserve it! 

 Peace & Love, ~Peacemaker

May 17, 2012

Peace on Earth: An Impossible Dream?

Hello Dear Friends; I was sitting at home last night looking through my newspapers, posts, articles, and people’s comments on world and political issues, and a sadness came over me that I couldn’t shake off. I was remembering the late ’50s, the early Civil Rights Movement, and thinking about the New Civil Rights Movement and the struggles that Humanity has been going through since the Stonewall riots in 1969…Many of our brothers and sisters say that it is not the same as the struggles that we are going through today, that the fight for equality because of the color of one’s skin was justified because it was not a “choice” to be born a person of  “colour” Many say that LGBTQ people made a choice to walk down this road.  They call it a  “choice”.  Yes, LGBTQ citizens choose to live a life that treats us like second-class citizens. We enjoy being taunted, verbally and physically attacked, made the victims of all sorts of ridiculous accusations like being “child molesters“, “demons”, “..out to destroy family values” and out to “recruit others to our ‘club'”.   Many of us have tried to live a lie just to please or not alienate our families and friends, and just fit in, all the while feeling like a “square peg trying to squeeze into a round hole”.  Hundreds and hundreds of teens have committed suicide because they “chose” to be themselves; because they were happy with who they are.  People, let’s wake up! The ignorance and attacks on LGBTQ people have destroyed the faith and hope that many once had because many hate groups labeled themselves as “Christians”, when they don’t even have a clue as to what a real “Christian” is!  Hate Groups and Real Christians are not the same entities.  Real Christians, Jews, etc. follow a Loving God, not a hate mongering monster that resorts to name calling and cheers every time some heartless person mocks, attacks, kills someone because of a small part of who they are as a person.  This is my plea; OUR plea… “Let there be peace on earth, and LET IT BEGIN WITH ME”!  Please Listen, and think about this dream. It is not impossible if people learn the true meaning of Love, Tolerance and living in Peace side by side…Love and Peace, ~peacemaker

May 15, 2012

Voices Crying Out for Help

I have been thinking about the number of suicides that happen every moment of every day in every part of the world. They once had voices, voices crying out for help, a cry that no one heard or that no one paid attention to.  What a senseless waste of young lives! Who can even imagine the emotional pain and anguish that led them to feel that being dead was better than to go on living? It tears me up inside when I hear some people talk about it as if it doesn’t matter, as if it’s just something that no one can change.  they tell me that I waste time thinking about something that I have no control over. Hello, people! it’s called empathy, it’s called love, it’s called caring about those voices crying out in the night that go unheard until they take their last breath, and then after a while, the whole tragedy is swept under the rug; that is until the next suffering soul takes their own life.  This is a cycle that continues over and over again, and many groups try to create an awareness of the why’s and wherefore’s of teen suicide, but when it comes right down to the core, Ignorance and Apathy are the killers, and innocent children are the victims.  They are the victims of a “tradition” of hatred that is passed down from generation to generation, a hatred that they justify by waving a Bible that they probably never read all the way through, and proclaiming that their actions are blessed by a God that doesn’t even exist! STOP! I am saying that the God that THEY CREATED in their minds doesn’t exist! He is not the Loving, caring God that I know.  The God that I know is Love Personified, and therefore Love Personified Cannot HATE ANYONE!  I’m asking the people who are running around “thumping” their bibles and proclaiming that God hates “this”” and God hates “that” to take the time to sit down and read the inside of the Good Book.  Look beyond what you learned from the people who crossed your path during your lives, and question what you have heard, seen and been told and ask yourselves, What would a loving father tell his children? There is an answer somewhere in this world, and until people learn to “live and let live”, it will never be found and there will be no peace amongst humankind. ~peacemaker

May 14, 2012

Please Take Part ! ! ! !

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We would like your opinion on this poll question… This is anonymous so your identity will never be known to us. Please share this with your friends as well.  We also ask for your 100% honest feelings in this. All we will be getting back is a simple printout of a report….

At The Fork In The Road

Hello Friends;

Today is May 14th, as much as I am posting this message today to give inspiration to you, it is also to give inspiration to me as well.  Just like you, I am human, I face the same daily struggles you face, when I get ready for the day ahead I put my pants on one leg at a time just like you do.  Just because I am a minister of the Gospel, this does not make me immune to the daily struggles of life.

In today’s message we are going to look at “The Fork In The Road” and what happens when we come upon that place, and what the Bible has to say about these times.  Let me begin with this real life situation; As a minister of the Gospel, being called into the ministry is a struggle in itself.  See there is a lot more to the minsitry than standing behind a pulpit every Sunday, and delivering a message.  The ministry is a life changing experience, the only way to know this is if you have the “Calling.”  I link this to those out there like my friend Christine here who has had the “Calling” to start this blog and move forward with it.  Now mind you you can link this back to anything.  If you are truly passoniate about something, and in your deepest of hearts you know that, that is what you are meant to be doing in life, that would be considered a “Calling.”  It is at that point where you come to the fork in the road.   Yes sometimes it means there needs to be changes in your life, maybe the way you do things, sometimes you may even have to stand alone……… Solely because people diagree with your stance on a issue, a topic, or whatever the case may be………..

Now with that said let’s take this time to explore what the Gospel has to say about all this…….

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them, for the Lord your God, He is the one who goes with you.  He will not leave nor forsake you                      Deuteronomy 31:6

In times of great despair He is only a prayer away.  Remember it says He will never leave us of forsake us, therefor all we need to lear to do is call upon His name.  He is the Healer, He made the Blind to See, Lame to Walk, Deaf to Hear, and those who were running and weary, He gave them strength to pull through.  I remind you if you have not done so already to read the poem “Footprints In The Sand”, that poem alone was all taken from the truths of the Gospels.  In the midst of the storm He is always right there by our side.

This also comes from the LORD of hosts, who is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in guidance.    Isaiah 28:29

          Then when we do call upon his name we are sure to learn one thing, time and time again…….

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more, Amen.   Hebrews 13:8

In closing this afternoon:

When our God decides to lead you through that open door, do not be affrai to walk in realms you may not have witnessed before.  Remember what we said today, now matter how tough the road gets or how tough the decision is at that fork in the road.  If we choose to Lean on HIM the Great Counselor He will lead us through it…………



Jay Mitty

Please sit back and enjoy the song which I have chosen to conclude this messge with, please follow the link below……….

Beyond The Open Door by; Revelation (click the link below….)

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